Introductions: “Hi, nice to meet you.”

This is my very first post to my new blog.  Yes, new.  I have unfortunately tried and failed with creating and writing a blog before.  I love writing, so I was really confused as to why I just couldn’t commit.  But when I realized I was not writing the blogs for me, I knew immediately what the problem was.  I always tried to make my blogs a certain genre (art, food, etc.) rather than a personal one.  I can’t really travel as much as I’d like to make document in a blog, and  I love cooking and baking and coming up with new recipes – but I really don’t like posting about it all the time.  It overwhelmed me.  And for whatever reason, I felt like I couldn’t mix topics.  Silly, Meg.

You can go over and check out the “about me” section HERE and you’ll find a little background about me, as well as an adorable picture of hubby and me.  Hopefully, you’ll get to know me more through this blog as well.

Today is Friday (yay) which means my day has been super busy getting ready for the weekend.  What, you may ask, do I need to do to get ready for a weekend?  Well, it depends. But almost always it involves tying up loose ends so our entire weekend isn’t spent running errands and tying up loose ends.  I have devised a new work schedule for myself (since I work for myself) in order to accomplish all the projects I have and to do it on time.

I am very excited for this year.  It has already been a rocky start, but I’ve continued to be confident and excited that this year will be great.  My husband and I have made a pact to get fit, and I’ve been dragging both our butts out of bed before dawn to break a sweat.  It’s been awful.  Actually, it’s awful, but at the same time, kind of fun.  We get an extra hour together in the morning, just because of this.  And boy do I love spending time with that man, even if I’m crying, just a tiny bit, because I can’t lift up my arms anymore.

The book I’m writing was put off for the holidays so I’m very excited to continue writing.  I’m about 3 months behind where I wanted to be, but at least I’m getting somewhere again. I can’t even express how excited/nervous/happy I am that I’m writing this book.

This weekend is going to be gorgeous in Colorado, and we plan on spending as much time outside (with our dogs) as we can.  Probably go for a hike, do some yard work, etc.  And even though I don’t like football, I’m aware there is an important football game this Sunday (go Broncos!).  So I will probably make homemade pizza and read while my husband cheers for his team.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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