Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Well, I live-tweeted the Super Bowl as promised, but it was an embarrassing game.  I don’t even want to talk about it…  But you should read Josh Groban’s tweets.  He’s super snarky.  I’m not that snarky.  I worry too much what people will think, and I’m too polite.  Nevertheless, his tweets are awesome.

I mentioned in a previous blog about trying new things.  Right now, I’m trying acting.  I’ve sent my name, resume, head shot and interest out to student filmmakers, hoping to get experience.  Right now, they are all making final films and will need actors, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to be in one of them.  I plan on enrolling in classes soon as well.  To be honest, I’m having a lot of fun with it.  I don’t have pressure that a lot of actors have.  Nothing is riding on me getting any parts.  Thus, I’m able to fully enjoy the experience.  Those that do it for a living because it’s their life, I truly admire.  It’s a hard business.  I remember doing casting calls, and even mock casting calls where we were taught how to “make them sweat” during an audition.  Film people are so intense!  I also remember doing an open casting call for one of my films, and a young actress came in to audition for the lead role.  She did really well, but she was so young and wasn’t how I imagined my lead actress (older, mature, cynical).  My lead also had to do nudity, and I was very upfront with that information while writing up the call.  When I asked her if she was comfortable with nudity, she almost broke down crying and eventually told me she was fine with it.  I felt terrible.  She clearly wasn’t OK with it, but felt obligated to do so.  (I ended up offering her a supporting role with no nudity, but she politely declined.  She got a lead in another film and she did great – so she made a great choice!)

What does all this have to do with mirrors?  Well, even though I’m fairly confident I can vocally deliver and memorize lines, my body is a totally different story.  I have no idea what it’s doing most of the time, or what it should be doing.  So, we ended up getting a full-length mirror so I could practice my monologues while watching myself move.  It’s weird though.  We’re taught so much that we’re vain for looking in the mirror and taking pictures of ourselves.  Bah.  Society is silly like that, putting so much weight on everything.  You basically feel bad for doing anything.  You’re always going to offend someone.  But I digress…



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