In the Mood for Love

I’ve been sick lately, which hopefully explains the lack of posting on my behalf.  However, I am leaving for a trip  tomorrow and will be gone for a week, so I wanted to post something before I left.

Today is Valentine’s Day.  A day for love.  Before I met my husband, V-Day was a day I was usually single.  I was never cranky or resentful on it though, because I love chocolate.  I would always get myself chocolates.  Also, it could be due to the amount of LOVE in the air – it is quite infectious.  I do not think today is a day just for couples, but a day that celebrates love.  How fantastic is that?  A holiday just for love.  Boy does this world need more love…

When my husband and I started dating, we used to go out for sushi on V-Day.  This year, we’re opting for a more low-key celebration, and finish watching season 3 of Sherlock.  Today I’ll be spending my time cleaning and getting ready for our trip, which we figure is late romantic celebration.  We love road trips.  And it’ll just be the two of us.

I also normally bake something to celebrate love, but, again, so busy!  But I’m giving our house some much needed love by scrubbing out the bathtub…

I’ll be back in a week to post pictures and thoughts about my trip.  Get ready for a lot of desert pictures!  Until then, spread love to others, and yourself and have a great day.



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