Geek Alert!: Intro to Cosplay

I’m back on a writing schedule!  Yay!

So about, oh I don’t know, 6-7 months ago, I came out to my husband as a major nerd.  I admitted to him that I frequented forums and blogs involving cosplay, video games and oh god… the memes (LOTR ones are my favorite)!  I’m not entirely sure why I kept this information from him for so many years, and he was entirely surprised at the extent of my “geek” interests (don’t worry, our marriage survived).  But now that I’m out and proud, he’s joined in on some of the fun.  For instance, I finally get to go to comic con this year in Denver.  My very first!

Oh yes, about cosplay.  For years I’ve been researching costuming for characters I’m in love with.  Even though I definitely do not have the time to put together one of my elaborate pieces, I decided I still want to dress up for one of the 3 days we will be there.  So I’ve decided to go as… Sherlock!  He’s one of my all-time favorite characters.  I’ve loved him since I started reading Doyle as a child, and Cumberbatch’s version of the character just made me fall into a deeper obsession love.  Naturally, I want to create a more feminine version of the character, with my own flair, and a slight throwback to the books.  We shall see how this goes.  Either I’ll get this amazing character together, or I’ll run a needle through my finger trying.  Both are exciting, but one considerably less painful.

I’ve started the search for clothing items.  Of course, being who I am, I found the shoes first (yes, I’m planning an outfit around shoes!).


I found these at the Humane Society thrift shop in Boulder.  They had a 50% off everything sale, so these were $3.  BTW, if anyone is in the Boulder, Colorado area, this shop has some pretty amazing finds.  I managed to get a beautiful lamp and purse, and my final bill was $11.

This week, aside from writing and studying my lines for a film, I’m going to draft up a picture of my character and hit the thrift stores and fabric stores this weekend.

So, if anyone in Colorado that is going to comic con happens to grace this blog, please, feel free to comment or message me!  I love meeting new people with similar interests.  And you can also lie to me and tell me I’m totally not over my head with this cosplay thing.


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