Fitness Journal Entry One

Just to warn you: there won’t be a lot of fitness journals on this blog.  It’s not that I don’t like fitness, I’m just not that into it, therefore I have limited things to say about it.  However, I’m doing the Bolder Boulder for the 3rd time this year, and I’m really excited.

In fact, I was so excited and so determined to get a better time and get in better shape than last time that I joined a gym.  I was so excited and went at 5:30am every morning.

I’m not a gym person.  And I really hate waking up that early in the morning, especially if it’s just to go to the gym.  I was never comfortable, and for the most part, I was bored.  So I stopped going, and now I’m going to cancel my membership this week.  Sigh.

I do, however, like doing my own things at home, and I love doing classes (and changing the classes I do frequently).  I just get bored easily.  I don’t like a ton of structure with exercise.  And above all things, I hate the gym atmosphere.  Oh well, at least I learned my limits!  It’s a good thing, too, since I definitely need to lose some weight, but mostly get in shape and now I know what will make me most successful.  I’ve got the eating thing down.  For the most part, I eat healthy, and try to eat close to the source when I can.

It’s a process, to say the least.

So here’s to a successful month and a half of training!


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