Racing Through the Summer

OK so summer isn’t officially here yet.  In fact, it’s actually snowing here.  A lot.  Like, I shoveled my driveway and sidewalk.  Gotta love the effects of climate change!

I’m excited for summer though.  So excited, that my husband and I planned out at least a 5k a month through to December.  Some, like the BolderBoulder, will be a little more (10k).  Now, to seasoned runners, this may not seem like a big deal.  But it is a huge deal to me!  I have never been a runner.  Honestly, I’m not really a runner now, I’m so slow.  With the exception of recreational dancing, I just didn’t really care about or even consider fitness.

Ever since I had my accident where I got hit by a taxi while walking in NYC, I became hyper-aware of my body.  I never really knew how much my body did until, for instance, I couldn’t lift up my left leg on its own.  Or even crawl around on the floor.  It was frustrating.  I eventually became so discouraged and depressed I convinced myself I just couldn’t do anything anymore and resigned myself to being limited.

That’s when I started gaining weight.

For the first time ever, I became technically overweight.  It wasn’t this dramatic thing, but to me, it consumed my entire world.  I hated myself.  I was resentful of myself.  It was this weird hate cycle that never ended.

And by the way, hating the fact I was gaining weight never actually amounted to any weight loss.  Neither did restricting my calories.  That only led to temporary weight loss and even more resentment.

So after throwing my back out and being bed ridden for the billionth time, I decided to seek physical therapy and chiropractic care.

It actually pisses me off a little how fast that it all worked, because I should have done that from the get-go.  But my doctors said I wouldn’t need it.  Pssh, doctors.

Basically, after two months, I felt better than I had ever felt in my entire life.  I started strengthening muscles I’m pretty sure I never used, I became flexible enough to touch the ground again and I didn’t feel pain for the first time in years.  Holy crap.  Even though I’m not at my “ideal” weight right now, I am physically more able to do things, and have more energy to do them, than I did at 16 years old.

This whole experience has made me readjust how I see myself.  Sure, I would like to have my body look a certain way.  But I am WAY more focused in being strong and healthy and happy.  Eat lots of veggies.  Strength train.




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