Mission to Mars: Or How NASA Rejected My Astronaut Application

OK let me just start off by saying that I’ve never applied to NASA, or anywhere else to be an astronaut or anything close.  You actually have to be a rocket scientist to do those things, and I fall quite short of the requirements.

This morning, I told my husband I took a silly online quiz about what my “real” profession should be, and I got astronaut.  His response was, “How would you handle your fear of heights?”  I replied that I wasn’t sure (and perhaps it’s so high and without gravity it’ll be different?  I don’t know).  The quiz said because I was logical and also because I like to be alone I should be a space cowgirl.

Our discussion quickly turned over to Mars and how they are going to send four people on a one way rocket ticket to start colonization.  Some people plan on leaving their families if they are picked – like, their children and spouses!

Zach said he could never commit to never seeing Earth again no matter what, but I think I could.  If I wasn’t married, didn’t have dogs, and got to see all the places on Earth I wanted to, I could totally do it.

That’s because the whole outer space thing fascinates me.  To me, Mars is the TARDIS and I am my own Doctor, doing something no one else is able to do.  I will apologize for the serious nerd vomit I just committed.

Fortunately, I have things in my life that DO keep me grounded (to Earth).  I love all those things.  And honestly, I’d rather just write science fiction than live it.

But I’ll be watching those four in wide-eyed wonder.


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