How to Make Cake Toast

Ugh, mornings.  This morning in particular is rough because I’m trying to eat breakfast right now and when I needed a napkin and we were out of paper towels and napkins, I was too lazy to get more downstairs so I’m using a tissue.  And I got the bottom of the coffee pot.  Yep.  It’s that kind of morning.

I’m still in recovery-mode over the last week or so.  In case it’s not totally obvious, I’m painfully introverted.  So having a week in which I attend a concert, meetings, dinner parties, family time, and do a race with 50,000 other people all in a row, my nerves are on fire, to put it lightly.  All I want to do is revert back home and play with my dogs and listen to music and read.  I generally can’t even handle a movie at this point.

I don’t know about you, but days like this make me want to eat cake for breakfast.  What if you don’t have any cake lying around (it happens)?

Cake toast.


Delicious, delicious cake toast.  Here’s how to make it:

Bread slices
Nutella, or something comparable 
Sprinkles (NOT optional)

Toast your bread slices in a toaster, or toaster oven.  Before the toast cools, butter it.  Spread the Nutella evenly (or if you like it clumpy, please leave in clumps).  Sprinkle the top generously.  Not just for breakfast.  Use as a substitute anytime cake is needed.

Mmmmm... Nutella.
Mmmmm… Nutella.
I'm really bad a food pictures.  Do you like my Star Trek mug?  Totally artsy.
I’m really bad at food pictures. Do you like my Star Trek mug? Totally artsy.

So there you are.  I’m sure there are other posts with this “recipe.”  I can’t be the only person to think the Nutella/butter combination is like heaven in your mouth.  By the way, butter underneath peanut butter on toast also is amazing.  Put butter on all things!

Now that I’ve had my balanced breakfast (see orange juice in picture above) I’m off to the thrift stores to find a pair of shorts because pants are unforgiving in the heat.


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