Shirtless James Stewart and Fences

So I got into a really weird conversation last night, and I was warned not to go into the details because it would embarrass this other person.  It was a discussion about the evolution of body types that led me to do Google searches on a shirtless James Stewart.  I’m not going to lie, it’s not the most embarrassing thing on my browser history.  Also, there are not a lot of pictures of him shirtless, by the way.  Now you have a glimpse into the glamorous and exciting conversations I have on a daily basis.  Not as exciting as eating cake in the shower, but pretty close.

Weekend plans?  I’m going to be helping out with yard stuff.  Thanks to my husband’s parents, we will be able to finish the fence this month!  So between this weekend and next, I am hoping it’ll get finished.  We still have to finish cleaning up the yard, and right now, we’re having a logistics issue with it.  The weeds and grass are almost 50/50 and completely mixed.  And we have a huge yard.  Zach wants me to just pull the weeds, and I pretty much put my foot down because it would take me months to do.  I think in the end, we are going to just till and seed in sections until it’s done.  A little more expensive, but then I keep my fingers.  Trade-off.  I really would like to just fast-forward to when this is done.

I’m getting kind of a late start to my Friday.  Although I did manage to get up before everyone else, so I got to make the coffee how I like it and got the first cup.  Yay!  That’s better than yesterday.

Now where was I?  Oh yes, I was on another tab watching a YouTube video…



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