Stranded and Alone and a Makeup Tip

OK I’m not really stranded and alone. But that’s how it feels sometimes when I don’t have internet. Our neighbors decided to get cable and for whatever reasons the Comcast guy turned our internet off in the process. Right now I’m writing on my phone, and it just feels like I’m writing a long-winded and possibly angry text message to my husband. I’ll be up and running again tomorrow.

This weekend we made great progress on our fence (pictures to come). We also did some grown-up stuff by talking and deciding what we need to do this year and when we can do it. Then we also talked about the stuff we want to do. Because we’re still young, and yes, we have “responsibilities” but we also owe it to ourselves to have a great and memorable life. What’s the point in waiting? We never plan on retiring, so let’s go on adventures! Life truly is too short.

The other thing we’ve been doing more of is dog stuff. We have two mutts we’ve rescued and one of them, Penny, is a grumpy growler. Luckily, Boulder’s humane society has a class for that very problem! She growls, barks and nips and pretty much any stranger, dog or human, and even has anxiety at home. The classes are actually fun, which I didn’t expect (I expected to walk out crying because I had the worst dog there). She did great. The instructors are great. Hopefully it helps us, but if not, we are perfectly willing to get an instructor in our house for private lessons (Penny is one of those priorities we discussed).

And now for my makeup tip.

I have expensive makeup brushes. This is just one of the things I don’t cheap out on, and they last forever. But I hate having to wash them in makeup removing chemicals.

So here’s my trick: vinegar and dish soap.

That’s it.

I literally took a glass, filled it with distilled white vinegar and squeezed in some dish soap and plopped my brushes in it. I swirled them around and let them soak about 5 minutes or so. Then I rinsed and voila! Clean. And SOFT. My brushes never felt better.


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