Don’t Let Your Dogs Get Overheated!

I’m not talking about the kind of dogs you eat (though they are on my mind because I just had two delicious corn dogs).  I’m talking about dogs of the canine persuasion.  This particular post is incredibly heavy in the dog picture department, so if you hate seeing pictures of dogs, you should abandon ship.

Penny (left) and Layla (right).
Penny (left) and Layla (right).

Summer is just around the corner, but the heat is already here.  Some places are already in the 100s (ugh).  The dogs and I love spending as much time as we can outside, even when it’s really hot.  So here are some of my personal tips to keep your dogs cool and safe.  Some are completely necessary, while others are just fun.

1. Covered shelter from the elements.  My dogs aren’t allowed access to the yard when I’m not home, but even outside, there is a covered deck and trees for them to lay under.  We sometimes spend hours at a time outside, so they need to be able to retreat from the sun.  They have fur coats, after all.

And when we're too hot from outside they like to cool off by snuggling in the bedroom.
And when we’re too hot from outside they like to cool off by snuggling in the bedroom.

2. Access to plenty of water.  This should be a “duh” moment, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget this one.  I have a huge bowl of water outside that the dogs frequent.  I make sure it’s fresh every day.  Also, bring water with you on walks.  Basic.  Simple.  Prevents dehydration.

3. Frozen treats.  They have dog ice cream, and all sorts of frozen doggie treats out there.  There are a lot of creative ideas for frozen stuff on Pinterest, if you look around there.  Store bought stuff can get pricey, but here’s what I do:

photo (3)

I freeze baby food, yogurt and apple sauce and my dogs LOVE it.  You get the added bonus of having better ingredients and knowing exactly what’s in it, and it’s a lot cheaper (and I buy all organic, still cheaper).

4.  Kiddie Pool.  They are like, $10.  My dogs generally only use ours as a giant water bowl, but I’m working on getting them used to it.  Layla likes it when I throw balls in it to retrieve.  The pool can be fun playtime with you and your dog.

It’s not that hard to make sure your dogs don’t die of heat stroke.  Just watch them, make sure they can handle the heat, and never leave them in a car.

Our dogs aren't spoiled at all.
Our dogs aren’t spoiled at all.




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