Panic Now

So, I’m back from almost a week-long vacation, and now I feel totally overwhelmed with things to do.  I’m way behind in my classwork, writing, and basically everything else.  I also have this problem where I just want to nap when I get too stressed.

I just need to focus on one thing at a time.

At least I got the grocery shopping done, so now we have things to eat.

The rest of today I’ll be programming all day to catch up with my class.  I’ll think about the rest of the week later.

So this is just a quick update blog.  I’ll have a lot more, with variety this week.  Some gardening, maybe a recipe, and tomorrow a short story.

But I really need to go program things now.  I will be able to think better tomorrow.

Should I post another picture of Benedict Cumberbatch?  Ha!  That’s such a silly question.

Cumberbatch tired of Ôposh-bashing'



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