This Land Was Made for You and Me

My brain finally decided to meander its way back into my head.  Vacations can be rough as an “adult” person because everything seems to pile on while you’re away.  I finally caught up with my classwork and revisited my goals – I’m on track with some, and not so much with others.  That’s OK.  They’re still getting done, I’ve just had to readjust some things.  I’ve also been thinking about this blog, and I decided that on Fridays, I’m going to post a review on a film that’s either not mainstream, or is an older flick.  Let’s see if I can put my degree to use with some B movies.  Oh, and all of them will be streaming on Netflix (at least at the time of writing my blog), so everyone can share in the fun!

So I’ve been debating all morning on whether or not to write about something incredibly controversial, but incredibly important to me.  I was going to write something on the fourth of July, but man, would it have been a different post!

I’m going to bring it up.

I’m losing a lot of my rights in my country and state, and I’m pissed about it.

I don’t want to rehash everything that’s already been said, in every way possible.  That would be a waste of my time and yours.  Everyone already has their opinions on the matter, even if their opinions are completely based in falsities, it doesn’t matter.  People like to throw politics into everything and it ruins any hope of intelligent thought.  And guess what?  You know what politics helps?  Politicians.  It helps no one.  When you align yourself with any political group, you are, in essence, totally screwing yourself over.  Because they don’t care about you, and they want us (the people) to fight each other, and ignore all the shitty things they are doing to ALL OF US.  You may not believe me, but I am on everyone’s side – the side of humanity.  I just can’t side with any political thoughts.

OK, enough of that rant.

Yesterday, I was listening to “This Land is Your Land” in the car when I picked Zach up from the bus stop.  This is arguably one of the most “American” songs out there, and with the exception of “America the Beautiful,” one of our non-official anthems.  Most people know the words to this song, even when they don’t know our national anthem.  Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs, I don’t know why, but it’s just so beautiful and I love it.

What’s hilarious is that this song was written by an outspoken pro-union, communist during the depression era.  Ha!

Anyway, Zach asked me what was wrong, and I told him I needed to listen to something that reminded me why I even stay in America, let alone love it.  Because seriously, I was ready to abandon ship and move to somewhere like Norway, where women are seen as people, and I’m free to not worship anything without people looking at me like I love the dark lord.

So we both listed off things we loved.  Mostly, they were people.  People like Woody Guthrie, who loved America so much he wanted to make it better.  He saw a different America, and through his songs, we can remember a really dark time in our country (with hope).  He was hunted by the US government, and he still loved it.  You really can hear it in his lyrics.  I can name so many people like him that I admire, from the ever popular Bob Dylan to the more obscure, like Wanda Sykes or, Wil Wheaton.  But Woody really holds a large chunk of my spirit.

Now, at the end of the conversation, I wasn’t like, “Oh, the US has its problems but it could be a lot worse!”  Yes, that’s true, but it could also be a lot better.  There are over a dozen countries that rate higher in everything over us, so I’m not going to be delusional.  But I felt a little more grounded.  I really do love it here.  Sometimes I feel like I am constantly fighting an uphill battle, and I get tired.  For instance, I shouldn’t have to constantly defend myself.  I shouldn’t be accused of being disrespectful because I spoke up when someone says something wrong to me.  Damn, it’s OK if I have different opinions than you.  Stop being so insecure and dismissing mine as a sign of disrespect and subversion.

Whoops, got off track.

Anyway, I love America.  I think I’ll stay here a while longer.  Besides, I’ve never been one to shy away from a fight.

Until next time.



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