Super Tornadoes and Morning Reflections

OK, today I feel a lot better.  I’m even drinking my morning tea.  Thank god.  Just in time for Friday and the weekend.  I got a little more sleep this morning, and more cuddles with dogs, so that made it better.  Although, I had a nightmare about super tornadoes in the UK, which was weird, and now I’m wondering if I have the most awesome, meaningful and abstract dreams.

Sometimes it’s really hard to calm my mind.  The world is loud, chaotic, and at many times, really terrible.  Sometimes, I argue with myself on whether or not it’s a bad thing.  I mean, the human race needs to figure stuff out for itself.  Change takes time, it’s not something that happens overnight.  Paradigms shift.

But it’s really hard to have such a cavalier attitude when like, children are being bombed, journalists tortured, and civil disobedience being labeled as “terrorism.”  Also, it pisses me off that the NSA is probably cataloging this blog because I’m using disruptive speech.  I’d encrypt it, but then I’d lose what little readership I have.  That, and this blog isn’t an activism blog, but I digress.

The thing is, I’d really like to think we could live in a world with perfect harmony, but I don’t actually believe that.  That would mean everyone thought and believed the same about everything.  Ugh, how boring!  That would be the opposite of progress.  However, I don’t think what’s going on now is any more productive.  We need balance, and we need to shift focus away from religion and trivial things to humanity and what’s best for the planet.  Humans, so selfish and thinking we run things – ha!

Right now, I’m sitting outside in my back yard writing, listening to birds and watching a bee take his sweet time with the sage bush.  There’s a cool breeze.  Seems like I’m having such a zen morning, right?  It would be, except my dog Penny is upset with the other dogs and wants me to hold her and Layla is stalking that poor bee, so I’m having to tell her to “leave it” every five seconds so she won’t murder it.  And my poor lilies… Zach accidentally got wasp spray on them and they fried, but today, two of the buds bloomed.  They just look even sadder.  Even my time out in nature gets stressful.

By the way, that's a yellow jacket on the lily.  WTF??
By the way, that’s a yellow jacket on the lily. WTF??

And yet, being out here, daydreaming and letting my mind wander – it still makes me happy.  I feel refreshed.  I feel like I can get it all done.  I don’t feel hopeless.

OK, enough of that!  Tomorrow is Friday, so that means… movie review!  I’ll be watching Heathers.  I’m excited, you should be too.  I also have a few recipes I need to post, but I’ve been really lazy in that department.  I’ll do that next week.   And for the garden/yard geeks, there’s more of that in a couple of weeks.

Until next time.


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