Yards and Cleanses

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little low on energy.  I haven’t really been into my exercise routine, and yesterday was the worst.  I felt miserable the entire time working out, and afterward, I wanted to be done with the day.  I feel only slightly better after eating breakfast today, but still not feeling great.  This only means one thing:

I have to start a cleanse soon.

No, I’m not “one of those people,” whomever they might be.  But I’m well aware that about every 6 months, my body benefits from a cleanse.  I’m going to do the Conscious Cleanse this time, because I’ve always done juicing in the past, and it’s never helped me emotionally, if that makes sense.  I normally eat really healthy, so when I have chronic tummy aches and bad skin, I know I need a reset.  This particular cleanse is easy, I don’t have to buy anything special, it won’t starve me, and I don’t need to give up my exercise regiment while I’m “detoxing” (i.e., crying because I’m hungry and weak).  Don’t get me wrong, I love juicing, it’s just not for me for a cleanse.  Too harsh.  I’ll be starting the cleanse after my wedding anniversary trip in the beginning of August, so I’ll do posts and updates about that then.

I thought today might be a good day for a gardening/yard update.  I really wish I could say I have an amazing looking yard right now, but, alas, it’s still terrible looking.  My plants are holding on for dear life because the earwigs and extreme heat.  And we won’t be able to get the grass in this year after all.  Just too many expenses, unfortunately.  Next year we should have grass though.  But we will have to hold off on the other stuff.  It’s a process.  On the plus side, my mint plants are making an amazing comeback!  I thought they were completely dead with a re-potted, but they are just growing like crazy now.  Maybe I should make some mojitos today?

That’s all I have for today.

Until next time.


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