Problems Recovering From Vacation

I had every intention of putting my short, weekend vacation at the cabin in the mountains to good use.  I need to stop kidding myself.  I spent time charging my laptop, thinking I would be inspired to write in my book.  I charged my Kindle, also thinking I could catch up on some reading (I have 2 books going right now).

Nope.  Just sat outside and looked at nature.  Quite literally.  I didn’t read anything.  My phone, for the majority of the time, was off (I only turned it on to take pictures).  I just sat outside, with my dogs and my husband, and we watched nature.  For HOURS at a time.  There was the occasional nap, food break, and hiking along the beautiful trails in between the hours of silence.  Actually, my only complaint was my allergies, which, to be honest, were pretty bad.

I won’t lie, at first, I felt this tinge of anxiety not having access to my phone, or TV or whatever.  Especially when Zach wasn’t around.  Even though I knew he’d only be gone for a few minutes, I got that twinge of anxiety that I HAD to be doing something.

My GOD.  I love technology, but our ability to not even be able to sit in silence for any period of time is ridiculous. I had to RESIST the temptation not to use [my phone].  Needless to say, I won, and after the first day, I was excited to just sit and look at things.  My brain slowed down.  I felt like I had quality time with everyone.  We saw SO MANY ANIMALS.  I don’t know if it was because we were paying attention, or the fact we sat so quietly that animals weren’t threatened by us.  It might have been a combination of both.

I never realized how much I was in a fog because of the constant thinking and doing of everyday life.  Being in the mountains, I felt present and everything around me felt more real, if that makes sense.  We were so sad to come home.  I’m not ready to do “real” life yet.  Luckily, we will be gone next week for camping in Ouray and Telluride, to revisit our honeymoon spots.

So, I will apologize for the lack of blogs earlier this week, and the lack that will happen next week.  I more than likely won’t even bring my computer for writing this time.  I have too much nature to look at.

Until next time.


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