A Fitness Post and Some Rain

Apparently, Colorado has a rainy season now.  It’s basically been raining for 2 days straight.  The sun is supposed to come out later today, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  It’s also been fairly cold, so much so, that one of our trees in the front yard thinks it’s fall and the leaves are starting to change… poor tree is confused.

I haven’t really minded the weather, although it’s been making me tired and I just want to sleep and/or watch TV all day or read.  I’m not really in the mood to get up at 5:30 in the morning, make breakfast, take care of dogs, and go for a jog.

But I HAVE been doing that!  Yesterday, we jogged in the rain.  It wasn’t fun for me.  I did not like being cold and wet afterwards.  And my poor asthmatic lungs have been bothering me, so today we decided to bring it back and do the C25K.  It feels weird taking several steps backwards, but I would rather do this and improve my lungs, and be able to run a 5K most days with good time, than to struggle more and keep falling because I’m hacking up a lung.

I even printed out a calendar and mapped out my fitness challenges.  When one ends, I’ll start another, doing 2 simultaneously.  That’s pretty incredible for someone that was an outspoken non-athlete who hated exercise.  I don’t know if I’m at the point yet where I LOVE exercise, but I’m definitely at the point where I enjoy it, and want to challenge myself.  Even as recently as March, I was screaming HATE towards exercise.

I also wrote out and posted, to the wall, short exercise routines that I can do in between working, housework or if I have a random break.  In addition to my regular 30-40 minute workouts and jogging, I’d like to get in a few short ones throughout the day.  I know, lofty goal, but I think I can do it.  I just need to be motivated.  At some point, I’d also love to end the day with a yoga routine, but I’m currently having trouble making that one stick.  All in due time.  I’m getting competitive with myself.

However, today, I’ll be doing yoga and weight lifting.  The lower half of me doesn’t really want to move right now because yesterday I did an intense lower body workout that I’m still feeling today.  I guess today is my “rest” day (even though I jogged a little this morning).  I’m not really into total rest days, because I don’t feel good if I don’t at least go for a walk and stretch.  I’m too used to my body moving.

So there you have it.  I’ll post links to the workouts I’m doing right now at the end of this post.  Tomorrow I’ll have my movie review for movie night.  But there will be no posts next week until Friday, in which case, I’ll have another movie review.

Until next time.


Workout Links:

Coffee Break Workout
30 Day Plank Challenge
Rainy Day Runner’s Workout
Quick 100 Calorie Burn


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