Apologies and Controversy

Yes, I totally promised blogs last week  that didn’t happen.  But, I wasn’t feeling well, and neither was my dog, and I had to spend a lot of time at the vet and making her feel better/worrying a lot.  Last week was just a mess, and I’m so glad to be on a new week.  It’s already going much more smoothly.

A couple of updates:
I had to stop the Conscious Cleanse.  I got very sick on it.  Like, really, really sick.  I stayed on it for a week before I finally had to throw in the towel.  I had developed allergies and sensitivities to raw and some not raw vegetables.  I had less energy than ever and took 3-hour naps.  I was bloated and itchy all over, especially on my ribs.  No matter how many different things I tried, it failed.  It got to the point I completely lost interest in any kind of food.  So, I’m back to eating semi-normally – I’m just cutting out dairy and sugar for the most part (and other processed foods).  And, I’m only eating thoroughly cooked vegetables for a bit.

I am continuing my creative projects, some getting close to the end, others starting to gain momentum.  That’s good.

I deleted my Facebook app on my phone, so now I’m on MAYBE twice a day.  It was a little uncomfortable at first, but now I like it.  I’m even on my phone less in general.  “Facebook, not even once!”

I’m starting to watch Criminal Minds again, so I’ll expect to have the most horrifying nightmares of my life again.

OK, I think I’ve caught everyone up.  Now for the “controversy.”

The thing in Ferguson is bothering me a lot.  I am a semi-obsessive Twitter user, and I’m following the entire thing closely.  Every night, I hold all of those people in my thoughts, and I hope no one will get hurt.  I know they have to do this.  The people in that town have lived with injustice too long, and everyone has a breaking point.  I’m disappointed at how the mainstream media is reporting on it – and I only know how they are reporting on it because I’ve talked to people that ONLY get their info from regular news outlets.  The police are 100% in the wrong and are dangerous.  I’m glad Amnesty International is getting involved, because, apparently, we don’t know how to treat people here.  Ahem, excuse me, I mean non-white people.

I feel helpless.  I know a lot of people do.  So I try and make awareness.  They need the world watching, at the very least.

But, it’s a war zone there right now.

All to protect one murderer (yes, I said it.  I’m not a journalist so I don’t need to say “alleged.”  Bah!).

I hope the boy’s family gets the justice they deserve.  I hope everyone in the town gets justice.  I hope the people of Ferguson can one day, soon, not have to flinch in fear when they see a cop passing them, or have to worry about looting, or that their child will be hit with tear gas or rubber (or real) bullets.  I hope it’s soon.

I may not have faith in the system, but I have faith in people.  I’ve seen people move mountains, crumble governments/empires and have compassion for the smallest of creatures.

You can do this, Ferguson.

Until next time.


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