Birthday Madness

Have you ever had a day where you just did NOT feel like getting out of your pj’s?  Well, today, I got up, made breakfast, fed the dogs, got dressed, walked the dogs, worked out, went grocery shopping, pulled weeds, cleaned the kitchen and THEN I showered and got BACK into my pj’s.  But I have a perfectly sane explanation.

Zach’s birthday is today, so we’re going out to dinner with his parents.  I don’t want to get ready for that several hours early, but I also don’t want to be smelly for the rest of the day.  There.  That’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for why I’m in my pj’s.

Anyway, today has been hectic.  Currently, Penny is growling at me because she thinks I’m typing too loudly.  And it’s going to rain.  It’s been THAT kind of a day.  I would make myself more coffee, but whenever I drink coffee later in the day, I get an upset stomach.  Not good.  My body knows I need to sleep at night.

Lately, art has been calling me.  I have this strong inclination to be creative.  In all aspects.  Like, do something different every day.  I think I might do that.  Set aside an hour every day and work on something creative.  Mix it up.  I think I’ve been stressed more than usual lately, and I’ve had no outlet.

So I’ll make this short.  I’ve had a few post ideas in mind, just not had enough time to do them.  However, tomorrow, I’d like to start a “products I love” page so I can talk about, well, products I love.  For fun.  Trust me, I’m not getting paid to do it.  I just like promoting things that are awesome.  For free.

Until next time.


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