Products I Love: Sunless Tanner

Today is lazy day.  I would consider it my only day off, except that I still have to do laundry.  I ate cake toast and spilled coffee all over myself.  And it was weird how I did it too.  It was as if I was a terrible actress trying to purposefully do it for a commercial involving stain remover.  I just threw my head back with a large amount of coffee spilling everywhere.

Speaking of acting, remember past blogs where I talked about my film roles in small films?  I kind of miss doing it.  But, I did 5 in just a few months, and I seriously need to get a few other things done before I get back to acting.  My New Year’s goal was to be a primary character in ONE film, I ended up being on in 5.  Win.  For now.  The next acting goal I have is to be a little more selective.  And in order to do that, I need more preparation.

Anyway, today’s post is the first in a series I would like to call, “Products I Love.”  I’ll discuss products I love.  It’ll be simple.  I’m not paid to promote any of these, and they will range from any kind of product, big or small.

Today I’d like to talk about sunless tanners.  Now, I actually don’t like wearing a lot of bad chemicals, at least, I try not to make a habit of it.  Everything I use on a daily basis is completely natural and ethical and doesn’t have cancer causing stuff in it.

However, this year was the first year in many I decided to wear shorts.  I got all “body image” positive (I’ll do a post on that later).  My legs, unfortunately, are one of the areas I’m super insecure with.  Mostly because, despite frolicking in high altitude sun, they never get one lick of color.

Not.  One.  Lick.

It’s my super Irish genes.  They give me my beautiful, ghostly white skin.  I’m not embarrassed per se, but my legs can blind people.

So I went searching for natural sunless tanners.  Because, you know, I’m not gonna wear that awful tanning oil or go get sprayed with nasty smelling chemicals.  I actually thought it would be a hopeless venture.

But I was wrong.

I found a few options that looked good.  Alba had one, but the one I ended up buying was Caribbean Solutions Beach Colours.  When researching both products, I found that Beach Colours had even less of the harsh chemicals than Alba.  It also got even better reviews.  But I’m not dissing on Alba.  Because seriously, it’s way better than getting the awful chemicals.  If you’re a loyal supporter of Alba products, get it!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

So how does it hold up?

To be honest, I only use it on my legs.  I’m also not going for Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful bronzed legs.  I just want my legs to match my upper half (i.e, my arms) that end up getting color during the summer.  So, I basically apply it once or twice a week.  That’s it.  It looks totally natural, no one has commented on my legs.  Which is good!  I don’t want people commenting on my legs, good or bad…

It fades naturally, not streaky.  In fact, it works better than anything I’ve ever used in my life.  And I used to use a lot of the traditional products when I was younger.

The smell?  It’s actually not too bad, when comparing it to traditional products.  No one has noticed a weird smell from me.  But again, I only use it on my legs, and they are usually not near my nose.

It’s cost effective.  I’ve been using it all summer and I’ve barely made a dent in it.  Even though it comes in a smallish jar, it goes a long way.  And the best part?  It leaves your skin feeling soft.

Pro-tip: I keep mine in the bathroom, and the lotion got too hot and I think separated a little.  I just took a Q-tip and whipped it around.  No biggie.  Good as new.

So there you go.  If you want a little color on your skin but are sensitive to chemicals, here’s a solution.  You can even buy it on Amazon!

Until next time.

Products I Love


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