Don’t Sit on It

Someone posted on Facebook that Flight of the Conchords is returning to HBO.  Now, I don’t get cable, let alone HBO, but I’ve never been more excited about a show coming back.  I’ve put it on a mental note to Netflix it.

So far, that’s the highlight of my morning.  I’m currently getting the windshield on my truck replaced, so I’m stuck for a little while.  Oh yes, my book will be done soon.  And by done, I mean it’ll be heading into the editing stage.  My goal is to have it out by the end of the year, which I think is totally possible.  I plan on e-publishing, and then I’ll consider print to order and other modes later (including a publishing deal, if I can get one).  I just want it out.  A lot of writer advice blogs will actually tell you to “sit on it” if you can’t get a publishing deal because “the world just might not be ready.”  I think that’s silly.  In fact, I think the entire writing world can get a little snobby about things.  If you’re proud of what you did – of this thing you created – why sit on it?  We live in a time where you can release it any way you want!  There’s no need for publishers, unless, of course, you want people to read it and to make money…

I’m being cheeky.  But in all seriousness, it would be really nice to make money off my book, but that’s not my goal with it.  I just needed to write it, and send it out into the world.  I think my mindset is a lot more like a poet (which is the kind of writing I mostly do) than of a story writer.  But I digress…

At the beginning of every month, I re-evaluate my goals to make sure I’m going where I want to go, and that it’s still the right thing for me.  This month, I’ve only done a few slight tweaks, which I consider to be a sign that I’m getting better at planning out my future.  Perhaps.  We shall see.  I still have a lot of Doctor Who to watch, so that may put me behind in my goals…

So there you have it.  My update.  Sorry for the short post, but I’m honestly so sleepy today and my mind is wandering.

Until next time.




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