Products I Love: Emu Oil

Last night, we decided to watch the film, Warm Bodies, and it was creepily endearing.  A Zom Rom Com, if you will.  I highly recommend it.  I would have put it down for Friday film review, but it is only available on DVD right now – but you should still get it and watch it.

We also decided to have ice cream for dinner last night.  Ah, yes.  Adult life.  I never would have dreamed that I’d get to eat ice cream for dinner as an adult.  During “dinner” Zach asked me what my schedule looked like for the week.  As I explained to him my day to day schedule and the slight variations, he gave me a look of intense anxiety.

“This is why I go to work,” he said.

“This is why I never have time to play video games.  What did you think I did all day?”  I replied.

This is the downfall of working from home.  I just have so much to do, and most of the “housework” also falls on my shoulders.  I don’t mind at all, but it’s definitely not for everyone.  It’s hard to explain to people who have never worked from home.  I think a lot of people think I just play, go shopping (ha!), and leisurely do bullshit all day.  It’s difficult to explain, especially when you don’t see the results of your efforts on a (sometimes really long) delay.  I wish I HAD more leisure time.  I haven’t had the chance to read in weeks.  I barely fit in movies or TV.  And today, I having a very hot debate with myself on whether or not to work out, because I haven’t done it all week, but I just really want to write.  Despite all my best efforts to clear my schedule, I still have a lot of non-writing chores to do.

But I am not complaining.

Today, the product I’d like to discuss is emu oil.  WARNING: This is not a product for people that don’t want to use things with animal products in it!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Emu oil is oil from, well, emus.  You can buy it in a variety of different ways and use it in a variety of different ways.  But the way I use it is on my face.

If you’re anything like me, you’re super vain and worry about looking old all the time.  A part of me dies inside when someone calls me “ma’am.”  I’m kidding, kind of.  But I DO use emu oil to help keep my skin young and smooth.  It helps with wrinkles, yes, but also with blemishes.  I’m going through this amazing time in my life where I’m starting to see wrinkles, but still have pubescent acne.  Yay.

The way I use it:
I just use a few drops and mix it in with my regular face cream/lotion (sometimes I’ll use pure Shea butter).  I rub it on my face and neck.  That’s it.  I do it once in the morning, once in the evening.  I will warn you though, no amount of great skincare product will save you if you’re not well hydrated.  So drink a lot of water, always.

To be perfectly honest, this is the only “animal product” I use.  I don’t make a habit of it, because most skincare products that use animal parts in it are bogus.  There is generally no health/beauty benefit and animals are tortured along the way.  Emu oil is the only one I’ve found to actually be good.  So – if you MUST use a product with animal byproducts in it (like emu oil), make sure it’s from an ethical source.  Saving a few bucks to get crappy quality anything isn’t worth it.

However – Shea butter is perfectly fine, if you want that extra boost in face moisture but don’t want emu oil.  Just remember to hydrate.

Until next time.




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