Goodbye is Not Forever & My Thoughts On Celebrity Culture

OK, I know it’s Tuesday and I usually have a creative writing piece to share – but, this is going to be my last post for a couple weeks while I hole myself up to finish my book.  I seriously will be doing that and doing a quick workout every day so my muscles don’t die.

So, sorry for the long title, I couldn’t come up with anything more creative or shorter, unfortunately.  But, yay!  I’m going to finish my book!  Just a little later than planned, but pretty close to my original goal.  Before I step out for a couple weeks, I’d like to leave you with some final thoughts.  Because I know you wanted to know them.

Now, for my thoughts on celebrity culture.

Celebrity culture is an interesting thing to me.  You have people that are (usually) rich and powerful, perhaps even influential.  They have access to everything.  This in itself is enough to change the atmosphere of human interaction.  Despite what anyone says, wealth changes you.  Even if you came from the most humble of beginnings.  You feel entitled to things.  You worked for what you have.  You deserve this.

It changes who you are.

The difference between regular rich people and celebrities is little, but important.  Everyone wants to watch them.  They appear to become property of the public.  Why?


I was thinking about celebrity culture last night when we were watching The Grand Budapest Hotel.  It features an all-star cast.  Power house cast, really.  Then I realized I had all these thoughts and ideas of the actors flowing over me before the title credits even finished.  I was excited to see Adrien Brody.  Because I love him.  Then I thought about all of his bad film choices and wondered if it was because he wants to be a rapper.  Harvey Keitel – glad he isn’t only doing Scorcese anymore and shooting things.  Willem Dafoe – god, why is he always so scary?  Ralph Fiennes – what else was he in?  Jason Schwartzman – porn stache.

The thoughts were endless.

But then, I had this moment of revelation.  The reason why these actors are famous, is because they got their big break doing what they love.

You hear me?  This means that what they loved doing was acting, not being a celebrity.

Let me repeat.  This also means that VIEWERS create celebrity culture, not the actors.  They are punished for doing what they love by being turned into celebrities.

So when a celebrity wants privacy and your argument is, “well, then they shouldn’t be famous!  What did they expect?!” then you are, in fact, an incredible asshole.  They actually have no control over whether or not they are famous.  Conservative estimate: 95% are famous because they are discovered being/looking/sounding/writing something awesome (my source: me).  Sure, there are the few that are famous to be famous.  But for the love of Christ, we can name them all, because they are so few.  They are not the rule.

I’m not trying to say all celebs are saints and deserve our undying love.  Quite the opposite.  They are just regular people, and we’re creating a monster culture.  That being said, they are human beings, and need to be treated as such.  This means they deserve rights and privacy because, you know, they actually are NOT your public property.  You don’t own anyone, and you definitely don’t have any say what they do in the privacy of their own homes.  Something tells me all of the people most likely to judge would be the MOST upset about having their lives laid bare to the public.

Despite all of my opinions though, I love Schwartzman’s porn stache.

Please leave the stache alone.

Until next time.




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