We’re Back! What’s Next?

I’m back!  It was a nice 2-week hiatus from this blog, but I definitely missed writing in it.  I did manage to finish my short novel, so I’m not only happy, I’m relieved and not stressed about it anymore.  It is perfect timing, because now I can focus on music, as well as some much needed house stuff.  We are refinishing the dining table (hopefully starting next week, maybe even this week) and we’re going to attempt to make the house look like a home in the main living area.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I think our house is super comfortable, but, seriously, there are no real personal touches.  In fact, if a stranger walked in, they’d probably think my sister and her family lived there because that’s the only photo evidence we have…

Also while I was gone – I managed to reach 1,000 views!  I know in internet standards, that’s not a lot for 9 months, but seeing as how I never expected anyone to read it, it makes me happy.

Today feels like fall, which is convenient, because fall starts tonight.  It won’t last long though, because we’ll be back in the 80’s for the rest of the week.  But for now, it’s raining, leaves are starting to fall, and it’s cool.  If I could drink that pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks, I would.  But instead, I just may have to make a large mug of pumpkin spiced coffee that I got at Trader Joe’s.

And I need to reveal a secret.  We started watching Halloween stuff last night!  Which reminds me, I’ll do my best to try and review Halloween-type movies for the month of October for Friday film review!  (insert squeal)

I decided I needed to start Halloween stuff before October because a month isn’t enough for me.  Before you start to judge me, you should realize stores are already putting up Christmas stuff.  THAT’S ridiculous.

This morning on our ride to the bus stop (seriously, I have no idea how Zach and I have such in-depth conversations in the 10 minutes it takes to get to the bus stop) we talked about fall and Halloween and all that good stuff.  We talked about how there’s this magic in the air during the fall season, and I aligned it to our ancient roots, when our ancestors did their harvesting.  That’s a magical time.  And I think it still carries over today.  We really wished we lived in CT or NH, where fall and Halloween are the most serious of business (and in summer, CT has the best Farmer’s Markets!).  No one in our neighborhood gets into it.  We stick out like sore thumbs.  But we still love it.

Here’s what will be coming up in October for the blog:  I’ll be learning to sew, making curtains in the process.  A new table will be brought to life from an old one.  I will share my spooky decorating projects (building scenes).  I will share recipes I find/create.  I’m getting rid of “Products I Love,” because honestly, I don’t love it – I’ll share things I love whenever I want.  I’ll share some photography, art, and a chapter from the book.  And finally, I’ll be sharing how we do Samhain.  It’s probably one of the few spiritual rituals/traditions I do, but it’s incredibly important to me.

I did miss this blog so much, I’m giving it a warm, virtual hug.  If you’re reading it, you’ll get caught in this hug.

I’ll stop being weird now.

Until next time.


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