Dark Clouds and Facebook

So for the the past couple of weeks, I’ve been lower on energy than I normally am.  Last week was just… terrible.  It was just a bunch of little things that added up that resulted in being totally stressed by Friday.  We went away to the family cabin in the mountains, but it ended up being ruined by my husband’s work calling him and keeping him on the phone for several hours while he talked them down from a disaster, and I ate dinner alone and read a book.  Needless to say, he was totally stressed too.

This morning, I just felt like I had a dark, stormy cloud over my head.  I could literally count on one hand the times I’ve woke in such a bad mood.  I was almost fuming.  I’m slightly calmer right now, but I have a headache and I feel drained.  It’s a bad Monday, I guess you could say.

I also decided today was a good day to deactivate my Facebook account too.  Yes, my bad mood may have had a hand in doing so, but I have been thinking about doing it for a while.

One of the biggest reasons I felt the need to get rid of it: it made me feel bad.  All the time.  Whether it was people posting hateful things, internet fighting, or just general condescending tone, nothing seemed to make me happy about it.  Sure, there were the cute pictures and videos, some even enlightening and inspirational, but it was nothing that I haven’t come across on my own on other parts of the internet.  There was almost little to no interaction from “friends” aside from “liking” things.  It felt weird.  It didn’t feel real.  And when I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with ONE reason I should stay on Facebook.  At first, I thought it was to keep in contact with people.  But honestly, if any of my over 200 friends didn’t send a message, ask for email or a phone number in the YEARS I’ve had an account, then they’re not really a friend, right?  Then, it’s just about numbers.  It’s about spying, keeping tabs on others, and constantly judging.  There is little room to be genuine on Facebook.

I’m not knocking social media.  I love Twitter, for the most part.  And I enjoy Instagram for sharing pictures.  I wish I could get the hang of Tumblr, but that might come with more time.  And I don’t mind having different platforms for different things.  It’s actually less stressful.  I don’t feel a pressure to uphold any image on any of these platforms.  Mainly, because I don’t use them to connect with friends.  I use text messaging for that.  I text, “Hey!  Wanna grab some coffee?”  That’s how I connect with friends.

I don’t know if I’ll go back to Facebook.  Maybe I’ll change my mind.  Maybe I’ll see a light within it that I couldn’t see before.  I doubt it though.  I will not go back just because I’m “addicted” or used to using it.  Then I might as well just tell people I’m a zombie and have no use of my brain.  If I decide not to go back in a year, I’ll most likely have it removed completely.

OK.  Now, I don’t want to end this post on such a whiny/dark note, so I’ll post the recipe for the banana bread breakfast bars I found on Pinterest.  THEY WERE AMAZING.  Seriously.  When they came out of the oven and I saw them, I was in complete doubt.  I was wrong.

Here is the link:
Healthy Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Oat Breakfast Bars

I did not blend everything in the blender, just the oats, because I have a Vitamix and didn’t want to deal with that cleanup.  I found that mashing the bananas and then using a mixer did just fine.  It wasn’t too chunky, but I like a little chunkiness in the banana.  I also may have used more of that drizzle than called for…  I don’t know if this recipe qualifies as “healthy” because it still has quite a bit of sugar in it, BUT it’s still much better than most of the alternatives.  And it’s not processed and easy to do.

Until next time.


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