I Need a Nap This Morning

It’s never a good sign when you wake up needing a nap.  Especially on a Monday.  I’ve been tired a lot lately.  Yesterday was a complete haze, and I really should have just slept the entire day, because apparently, I need some sleep.

It’s also the time of month where I take inventory of my goals.  Setting monthly goals has actually been helping me, and I think the reason I feel so weird is I haven’t done it this month yet.  It helps me stay focused, and it also helps me complete everything I want to accomplish.  It’s way less overwhelming living out your dreams when you take it step by step, by the way.

The thing is… I have no idea what I’m going to do this month (aside from crafting Halloween stuff and curtains).  Everything I have planned is purely domestic.  Is that OK?  I haven’t decided if that’s OK yet.  I’ve been enjoying the home projects, farmer’s markets and all the little things.  They also completely take up all my time.  I also think everything is draining me.  It all wouldn’t be bad at all, but I think I need something that gives me a jump start.

I’m rambling now.  But I will tell you what I’m making for dinner tonight!

Irish Cottage Pie

Yes, I know.  Another GFG recipe.  But holy crap, you know how much I love potato things? A lot.  Potatoes make my heart sing.  I won’t say it’s because I’m Irish, but it’s because I’m Irish.  I’m kidding.  But doesn’t this recipe look amazing?  It’s the perfect comfort food for a not-so-great Monday.

Sorry for the abbreviated post, I’ll try and be better tomorrow.

Until next time.



Wait a second!  Before I posted this blog, I found this:



Click the picture.  Yay!  Double nerding!


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