Playing with the Dead: The Walking Dead Season 2

Last year, I watched Zach as he played through the first season of The Walking Dead game for Xbox 360.  It was a disturbing game, but very story-centric and interesting.  This year, we decided I would play through season 2 while he watched.  When we went to Target to get the game, the guy helping us asked us how we liked the first one.  I replied:

“It’s messed up.”

He laughs uncomfortably, as I stare blankly into his face, totally serious.

“It can’t be THAT bad,” he muses.

“Nope, it’s that bad.  It’s messed up.”

Thus, the number one reason why I have a hard time interacting with strangers sometimes.

But really, it’s got some really fucked up choices.  SPOILERS: You decide who to kill sometimes, and you have to decide if you want to chop off your arm at the end after you get bit.  I mean, I get it, it’s the zombie apocalypse.  But I can still get totally appalled.

The new season picks up where the last leaves off.  You play from the POV of Clementine, a little girl.  It took me about 2 hours to get through the first episode (which is all I’ve played so far).  Already, I see I have a problem.  There’s way more action in this game than the previous.  The decisions were super hard off the bat, and I’m still scared of zombies, which in general, makes things difficult for me.  What really got me, of course, was the dog.  Yes, a dog showed up, and I lost my shit.  I tried not even interacting with it.  I didn’t want to know its name.  I tried ignoring it.  But the game wouldn’t let me, because the dog is important.  Don’t get attached to the dog, I try to console myself preemptively.  It’ll be fine.  It’s just going to get eaten by a zombie, and it’ll die and it’ll be traumatic, but shit, Meg, we’ve had to kill dogs in Skyrim before!  We moved on from that!

The dog does not get eaten.  It’s way more traumatic than that.  And Zach looked at me like I’m a monster for at least 10 mins afterwards.  And then to top it off, he told me his name.  It was Sam.

“It was on the dog bowl at the camp,” Zach says with pain in his voice.  We are still fighting about this.

I feel like when you play The Walking Dead with someone else, it makes it more intense, because you argue about decisions, and then slightly judge each other and build resentment when the decision doesn’t go as well as you hoped.  It’s a great relationship builder.

In all honesty, I’m a super sensitive person.  I love games though, and I love playing.  I love reading the graphic novels of The Walking Dead too.  But damn, I’m just really sensitive.

On the upside, it can’t get worse from there, although there is a pregnant lady, so that’s exciting.  I think I’m finally ready to advance the story again.

I was also thinking about people that live-stream when they play games, and I would totally do that, except that I’d really embarrass myself.  Really.

Tomorrow, I will post a Friday Film Review!  Sorry they’ve been lacking.

Until next time.


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