How Does She Do It?

I don’t.  I just don’t.

While I won’t say I’m the worst blogger out there, lately, I’ll admit I’ve definitely been one of the most unreliable.  I seriously have no idea how those “mommy” bloggers do it.  They come up with amazing recipes, take care of children, craft things, and some even have a 9-5 on top of everything!  I have dogs.  Yes, they are difficult sometimes (like right now, one is crying at me for something), but I can ignore them or tell them to stop being assholes, and no one will call CPS on me.

The holidays are busy for almost everyone.  Even if you don’t do holidays, chances are, whatever your line of work is, probably just got a lot busier for whatever reason.  I’ve crafted a few things, but right now, I have a lot of “fix-it” projects that are slowly swallowing me whole, in list form.  I’ve done a lot of cooking and baking.  But here’s the thing: I never remember to take pictures, because I’m so busy trying to do at least 3 other things at the same time, trying my best to not burn the house down or fall down the stairs.

I’ve also slacked on my favorite part of my blog, the Friday Film Review.  Mainly, this is because I haven’t been streaming movies lately.  For whatever reason, November is my animated film month, so we watched Wreck-it Ralph and we will be going through the Toy Story series.

But these are all excuses.

I’ll try harder, but I will not promise anything.

For instance, I’ll be refinishing a table, starting this week, so maybe I’ll post stuff about that.  Maybe.

I also need to sew a button on a shirt, but I read online that most sewing machines have an app for that.  Is that true?  I will find out.

I’ll do reviews, but they may not be streaming for a while.  I’ll compromise though: I’ll look for possible free places to view it.  All for you.  As for Wreck-It Ralph:  It was OK.  I felt like it was missing a lot, but all in all, it was cute and entertaining to watch, so I’d still recommend it.

Until next time.


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