Meg’s Thanksgiving BBQ Massacre

This morning I decided I needed a second cup of coffee.  It’s game day.  Why in the world I’ve decided to write a blog on game day, is anyone’s guess.  Today, I do all my Thanksgiving baking, put the house in order, and pick up the food for tomorrow.

That’s right.  We’re ordering BBQ for Thanksgiving.

A few months ago, I decided I really wasn’t excited about Thanksgiving.  It’s probably the most overwhelming, stressful day of the year.  Last year, I didn’t even get to eat until we all sat down because I was cooking all morning, starting at 6am.  I barely got to watch the parade, which is one of my favorite things.  And I hardly saw Zach.  And when we finally got to his parents’ place, I was exhausted, stressed, and not really able to handle a lot of socializing.  So this year, we decided to order food we actually really wanted to eat, and make dessert (which is the fun part for me).  So even though today is a little slammed, tomorrow will be relaxing.  I even have breakfast covered with this pumpkin pie overnight oats recipe.  Tomorrow, I just need to worry about if I can still fit into my favorite dress and decide which alcohol to drink when.  I even have the music prepared.  At first, I was going to just play the Thanksgiving Day radio station on Pandora, but they play Israel’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” a lot, and I cannot listen to that song without crying.  Hard.  Sobbing crying.  That song, and my friend Jhade, are too intertwined.  Also, (and Zach will probably get mad at me for saying this) they play a lot of instrumental music that sounds like Civil War era/something you’d hear in Ireland music.  Last night, he got really emotional out of no where, and I’m pretty sure it was the damn melancholy fiddle.  So, it’s gonna be blues music tomorrow.

Speaking of music: Since I won’t be doing a film review on Friday, I’d like to mention Alice’s Restaurant.  This is basically the only movie I need to see on/around Thanksgiving in order to be happy.  It’s hard to come by, so we rented it through Netflix and watched it last night.  I know, it’s not exactly “family friendly” in a traditional sense.  Although to be honest, I would totally watch it with my kids, if I had them.  There’s some nudity, sexual situations, and drug use in the movie, for those wondering.  But – it’s totally a me movie.  As in, it’s not a movie about the “traditional” family during the holidays.  It’s disjointed, weird, and at most times, confusing and chaotic.  But incredibly musical and beautiful.  That’s important.  This movie is definitely not for everyone.  It’s about draft-dodging, it’s anti-war, it’s pro free-love and the film style is not like a normal mainstream film (even for the 60s).  It’s an avant garde style.   But it’s fun, and Arlo Guthrie probably has the most endearing smile on the face of the planet.

In fact – since we’re on the topic of the Guthries – my number one dream would be to do Thanksgiving at the annual Carnegie Hall Guthrie concert.  But the travel would be tough.  Arlo does a great show though.

So what’s on the agenda tonight?  Well, Zach really wants to watch the live Peter Pan broadcast, so we’ll be doing that.  Because you know, Christopher Walken.

So I hope everyone has a groovy and laid-back Thanksgiving.  If you’re not, I hope there is plenty of pie and booze to help you through it.

Until next time.


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