Food Hangovers Are a Thing in America

My birthday was amazing.  Seriously, the best birthday ever.  It was even better than the birthday I had where my mom managed to get another child my age to come over for cake, and I got this stuffed dog that had a pouch with puppies in the tummy.  It helped me get a strong grasp on the miracle of childbirth (the tummy is equipped with velcro, btw).  But this year was far better, and I got a really nice jacket, which I found out this morning, matches my workout shoes (bonus!).  Yes, I’m one of “those” people that like to look cute in workout clothes.  I spend about half my time in yoga pants and workout tops, so I feel this is necessary.

Yesterday, I was seriously suffering from a food hangover.  I have never experienced anything like it.  Because normally, I never eat that much.  Or that badly.  Even on holidays, I consume the goodies fairly moderately.  But all bets were off for my birthday.  Looking back on it, though, I think maybe eating all the cookies in the few days leading up to my foodie extravaganza were probably my downfall.  And my lack of exercise.  Ugh.  So much self-loathing over cookies.  I felt so awful yesterday that I had to have a green smoothie for dinner, because I could literally feel my body screaming for vegetables.

Actually, I am getting my final year in my 20s off to a good start.  I’ve started an “exercise” routine in the morning.  The reason for the quotes is because it’s basically just something to wake me up before I do anything, including eat.  Just to get the muscles going.  It has helped that the weather has been amazing too.  Because I’m part bear, I like to get fat and hibernate in the winter.  It’s hard to fight those genetics.  For whatever reason, I just CANNOT wake up early to work out in the fall/winter.  I just can’t.  It’s not happening.  This is a compromise to help me get going so I don’t get super lazy and not work out later.

Tomorrow is my Christmas shopping day.  This means, I will not, in fact, be doing a film review (but might I recommend the holiday classic: Muppets Christmas Carol?  My favorite).  I know that there are a lot of people (like my sister) that finished shopping a long time ago.  I wish I was that good, but I’m not (although my niece’s gift is already under her tree).  It takes me forever just to figure out what I want to get people.  And this year, we did secret Santa, so I’m extra relieved.  I love holiday shopping, but not on the scale that I’ve normally had to do.  It gets stressful when you spend hundreds of dollars, especially when you don’t have a lot of money.

And unfortunately, we are not sending out special holiday cards.  Next year, definitely, but this year has just been weird for everyone, so we’re opting out of that.  BUT – we will take a family picture this coming weekend, so I’ll share that.

I have a feeling shopping this weekend will be crazy, so if you’re going out, good luck.

Until next time.


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