Why Does it Seem So Quiet Right Now?

Is this the calm before the storm?  Or am I in the eye of it?  I can’t really tell.

This last weekend we went up to the cabin in the mountains for a brief getaway.  Zach’s mom is so cute, she had put up all the Christmas decorations inside, and even had some outside!  Better than that hotel in White Christmas.  We were slightly disappointed to arrive to practically no snow, and wonderful weather.  But Sunday, we woke up to a ton of snow and big snow flakes, so we were happy about that.  Not as happy as the dogs, but still pretty close.  We decided to hang around for it a little longer than we originally planned and left a little late (thus hitting bad weather and traffic).  When we finally got home, our dog Layla ran to her kennel and would not get out.  She was incredibly upset about being back home, and I think this was her way of punishing us until we drove her back to the cabin.  She’s finally okay now, because we took her on a nice, snowy walk this morning.  We’re kind of proud at how spoiled she’s gotten lately, because she came from such a hard background.

I’m not going to lie though, Monday is hitting us hard this week.  The dogs are down, Zach is down, and I’m down.  Holidays get really complicated as you get older.  Even though I try really hard to keep it simple, it’s still hard.  Adults have to create their own magic, because we don’t come equipped with bags of it like children do.  Living as an adult during the holidays can be painful, or at the very least, irritating at times.  For instance, I don’t understand why everyone is extra mean during this season.  Sure, I come across PLENTY of nice people, but they are probably people that are nice all the time, not just during Christmas.  I’m talking about people that are rage-fully angry in the grocery stores, trying to run me down for a bag of sugar.  Granted, there’s always grocery store assholes, but they seem to have an extra sparkle around Christmas.  I try to understand.  They probably have terrible mother-in-laws.  Or their kids all have the flu.

Meanwhile, I’m trying my best to find grounding in the reality I want, which is a magical holiday.  I’m gathering all of my baking recipes.  I was originally going to just make one type of cookie, but… I found, like, a lot I really want to try.  What I’m trying to decide now is how I’m going to manage it.  I think I’ll probably make all the dough ahead of time, and then bake it all one day.  I’ll post the recipes I’m using later this week.

Until next time, enjoy this picture of Penny.  We may use it as an unofficial Christmas card.



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