New Year’s Resolutions: 2015 Edition

Happy New Year, everyone!

I wish I could say I did something really awesome to say goodbye to the old year, but I didn’t really.  We listened to music, I wanted to go to bed at 8pm, but Zach convinced me to stay up until midnight.  We talked about 2014, our regrets, the things we thought we did right, and we talked about our plans for the New Year.  But seriously, I was so tired, I wished like, at least 5 people a “Happy new ear” via text on accident.

Really, our only real regret was letting 2014 lose steam so early in the game.  I did so much in the first 3 months, and then it petered out, until I became murky and stagnant.  However, as with most things, it wasn’t all bad.  During the “murky months,” we became a lot closer to some of our friends, which was something we not only really wanted (and had been sad about for a long time), but it was something we really needed.  So, in that regards, it wasn’t quite the loss we initially thought.

This morning, we rolled out of bed at a fairly reasonable time, and made it to our favorite breakfast spot.  There we were, looking as tired as all those hungover adults and cranky kids trying to wake their brains with chocolate and caffeine, yet we got a proper amount of sleep, and drank zero alcoholic beverages.  We’re losing it.

I thought I’d share my New Year’s resolutions with everyone.  When making my list, I tried to think of ways to help creativity flow and I thought of Ben Franklin’s policy of always doing something that will better oneself.  So, here it is:

1. Read 7 books – 4 fiction, 3 non-fiction.  
Yes, I broke it down into categories.  Because sometimes I’ll just go through periods where I only read biographies or non-fiction, and that’s not exactly helping with the creativity flow.  Balance, is key.  Why 7?  I don’t know.  I thought the number was nice, it’s not overwhelming, and gives me room for a break, or time to linger on a story I may really like.  I’m not one to blast through stories.

2. Go somewhere I’ve never been.
It’s vague, but it’s something that’s always on the list.  We tried to plan a road trip at breakfast, but there’s just too much up in the air right now.  Either way, I will be going to a geographical place that I’ve never been to.

3. Go to a concert of someone I’ve never heard before.
Opening acts don’t count.

4. Meet someone new.  
Hopefully it won’t be at someone’s wedding, but hey, an introvert can’t be picky.

5. Rebuild the Auto Harp.
I tried to do this last year, but we couldn’t swing it financially.  It’s going to cost almost as much as buying a new one (that’s if I fix it myself), but I made a promise that I intend to keep, and it’s a family thing.  Besides, I can’t let an instrument just go to waste like that.  It needs to be played!

6. Visit the record store at least once a month.
A really fun resolution.  We hardly got any new music last year, and that’s a shame.  Gillian Welch was my only discovery in 2014 (but, oh, WHAT a discovery!) because of my songwriting class.  Maybe I’ll discover new things there, maybe I’ll just pad my collection – who knows?

7. Learn to crochet.
A sort of Ben Franklin one.  I tried last year, but I didn’t follow through.  In my defence, the only reason I wanted to learn then, was for reasons that don’t exist now.  Now, I just want to for fun.  Now that it’s on the list, I think there might be a scarf in someone’s future.

8. Take an art class.
It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but was always too shy to.  I haven’t decided what kind of art class, but we shall see!

9. Use my Bolex.
I think it’s getting dusty at this point.  I still have to develop the last roll I shot (which is still in the camera).  My last use of it was for a project that went horribly, horribly wrong, ruined a friendship (not my doing!) and made me bitter.  Temporarily, at least.  I also gained new, wonderful friends, which washed away the bitterness.  Either way, let’s see if I still know how to load that thing.

10. Take at least 1 non-dog picture a day.
Yep, I had to stipulate what kind of pictures.  Looking back, I realized I hardly had any pictures of myself, selfie or otherwise.  This is a selfie culture, and apparently I’m an anarchist against it.  Actually, I like the idea of selfies, and people deciding how they want to be seen by others.  I know a lot of people are weird about it and think it’s all narcissism (maybe it is sometimes) but people are weird and haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

Welp, that’s it.  Nothing is career-related in this list, because I have a whole separate one for that.  It was too long, and if I only think about career stuff all year, I’ll become boring and cranky.

Until next time.


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