It’s a Long Road, But it’s a Fun Road

I think, at least for the next few months, I’m going to shave down my posting to once or twice a week.  I have a lot of classes starting soon, and I’m doing lessons to prep for those/to do in conjunction, and not to even mention projects, so my plate is quickly filling up.  Besides that, I’m trying to focus on other kinds of writing in the non-blogger realm.  I hope the one or two posts will be exciting-ish, or they will be bad movie reviews.  Either way, I’ll try and keep some sort of act going here.  I have a feeling that 2015 may be the year in which I order a lot of takeout.

I find myself recoiling into a shell, which often happens when I feel overwhelmed by things.  Last time, I got rid of Facebook (which I still have absolutely no regrets or inclinations to go back).  So maybe it’s not always so bad to recoil.  Either way, I feel like the luckiest person alive to have such a wonderful husband (like, seriously, the best, you should all be jealous) and awesome friends, who, if nothing else, make me laugh and allow me to blow off steam (and don’t judge the second or third alcoholic beverage in my hand).  Oh!  Booze!  That reminds me.  I’ve been watching these delightfully quirky videos by a lady named Marissa A. Ross and she talks about wine.  I linked to her YouTube channel, if anyone cares to know more about cheap wine or wants to watch something while drinking cheap wine.  And by cheap, I mean, not crappy, but also not like, overly priced wine (which I tend not to be super into).  I mean, who can afford to buy $100 bottles of wine?  Not me.

So, you know that book, Eat, Pray, Love?  You know the first part of the book, in Italy, she goes crazy with her bad eating habits and it’s all about decadence.  Actually, I never read past that part.  I figured the eating part was good enough for me.  And I’m definitely going through a similar experience.  Except instead of fine Italian cuisine, it’s cheap wine and way too many carbs from like, crappy pizza and delicious pancakes.  I can’t afford to go to Italy, otherwise, I totally would eat everything there.  I think the reason for my New Year’s “anti-resolutions” is because my food allergies haven’t been super bad, except on the raw vegetable front (I seriously get sick looking at salads right now – lettuce is my enemy).  But even with raw vegetables, I’ve been slowly trying to get those to work again, and I seem to be able to handle it a little better, at least.  Since I don’t have terrible allergic reactions to eating out anymore, I’ve been going crazy, and wanting to try everything.  I’m going through a decadence year, don’t judge.

I think I got off on a rant, so I’ll just end now.  I honestly started writing this with stress tears in my eyes, and after thinking about food and wine for a while, I feel better.  That’s bad, isn’t it?  Shh, I don’t want to know…

Until next time.



2 thoughts on “It’s a Long Road, But it’s a Fun Road

  1. Hey, thanks so much for sharing my stuff and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the videos. I hope your stress subsides, that your writing flourishes in all mediums and that you enjoy all the take out you want, because that’s what life is about. Enjoying yourself.

    All the best,
    Marissa A. Ross

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    • Thank you for the comment! I love your videos! Now when I go to the liquor store and the attendant asks if I need help, instead of running away, I can verbally request wines because I know words now 😉


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