The Longest Week

This week has been long.  People say that time is the same, and that there are the same number of days in a week every week, but those people are awful liers.  I think even my dog knows I’ve had a tough week, because she’s letting me lay on her right now while I’m typing on the laptop, and listening to Gillian Welch.  Girl’s best friend, indeed.

Yesterday was the WORST of the days this week.  I haven’t felt myself the past month or so anyway, but yesterday was bad.  The wind was terrible, but somehow, someone’s Christmas tree ended up in our front yard, propped neatly up against one of our trees.

Now, I’m not unreasonable.  Maybe the tree blew into the street, or someone’s driveway, and someone else thought it might be ours, so they put it in our yard.  One time, one of our tree branches fell into the street, and a neighbor dragged it into the driveway of another neighbor.  But when I saw it, I knew immediately it was from our tree, so I dragged it back to our house, chopped it up, and disposed of it.  Because it’s rude to leave a huge tree branch that’s yours in someone else’s yard.

But no one came to get their tree.

They just left it there, thinking we’d just dispose of it.  We knew whose tree it was too.  Because, you know, it’s almost February, so we noticed a Christmas tree out in front of someone’s house pretty quickly…

The rest of the day continued along these same lines.  People just being generally rude to each other, and being inconsiderate.  It overwhelmed me.  For some weird reason, despite the fact that the news reflects strongly the inhumanity of humans, I couldn’t believe people could be so mean.  The suburbs are weird and there is a psychological warfare in which I’m just not familiar.

Today feels better though.  Or, at least not as bad.  It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’ve got a little dog running and barking in her sleep under your head.

On a totally related note, I decided to give up my smartphone.  I argued with Zach about it almost the entire day yesterday, but I ultimately won.  I would like to be less connected, or at the very least, I would like to be less connected constantly.  The “constant” aspect is draining me.  Not to mention, smartphones are so expensive and sexy and addictive.  I don’t know if this will be a permanent move, but it’ll be my move for at least a couple years.  Zach will still have the smartphone, so it’s not like I’ll be suffering.  The first thing he asked when I said I wanted to go back to feature phones was, “But how will you get directions to places?”

It’s true, I heavily rely on my phone for it’s GPS qualities.  But, before I had a smartphone (around 4 years ago), I just looked it up beforehand, and if I got lost along the way, I got lost, and sometimes had to pull over in industrial complexes to pull out a [gasp!] real map.  I learned how to read maps VERY quickly that way.

But then again, I’m also the person who got on the wrong bus, A LOT, throughout my college days, never learned my lesson, and once had to hitchhike to a theatre because of a bad bus mistake.  So, it’s not like it’s the end of the world for me if I get lost…

And for the record, don’t hitchhike, kids.  It’s not safe.  I was lucky it was just a really awkward experience.

So aside from being more lost than usual, I can do without the extra tech.  I will still have a laptop.  I’m still studying computers.  I’ll longingly gaze into the shop windows at Apple, etc.  But it’s time to cut the chord.

Until next time.


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