I’m Basically Katniss at Costco

Okay, maybe I’m not as awesome as Katniss.  Especially at Costco, even though it feels like the Hunger Games.  I hate going there.  I mean, I love the deals, I get certain organic foods there in abundance with prices you can’t beat anywhere else!  But I still hate it.  I dread it.

And I had to go yesterday.

Maybe it’s just the Costcos near me, I’m not sure, but they are more stressful than any other grocery shopping experience I’ve ever had.  I took a deep breath, and decided to have a good outlook before I went it.  The day was sunny and was going well, so nothing could stop me.  However, despite the sunny disposition of the weather and the Costco employees, I was glared at by a woman getting a cart right away.  This wouldn’t have bothered me as much, except I had smiled at her before she started glaring.  So yeah, that hurt a little.

And it happened a few more times, one glare preceded almost being plowed into by a cart.  ON PURPOSE.  Anyway, I’m just puttering away, trying to find some stupid quinoa, and smiling like an idiot.

The only conclusion I have, is that I have a hideous and offensive smile.  Or people become possessed with those enormous carts.  I’ll go with the latter, just to comfort myself.

Anyway, I think I’ll have some new recipes up soon.  I’m going to attempt to adapt a King’s cake for Mardi Gras for the gluten intolerant, and I have a few other recipes I’m clinging to that I’d like to post on the blog.  I’m hoping I can get in some more posts in the next couple of weeks as I do more projects/things I can actually share.

Until next time.


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