Mattress Shopping and IKEA Mysticism

It’s been a busy couple weeks for me.  We’ve been preparing for a lot of stuff.  With so much prep going on, I thought I’d lose steam right about now, but in fact, I’m gaining momentum.

Yesterday, we went to IKEA to get a mattress for our guest room.  We had a memory foam mattress, but it was too thin, only 3 inches.  When I sat on the edge of the bed, the frame hurt my butt, so I decided we needed a different mattress on it.  Good thing too, because a smaller box-spring mattress paired with the memory foam on top, actually made a perfect combo.

I know that there are tons of jokes and whatnot about IKEA ruining relationships.  But, we’ve shopped, bought, and put together several pieces of furniture from IKEA, and never had a problem.  However, we do know what we want before we go there, but also don’t have any unreasonable fantasies about leaving the store with ONLY those pre-decided things.  We know to grab a bag when we walk in.  Maybe even a cart.

I think they pump experimental chemicals in the store though, because we ended up leaving with kitchen plans.  We’ve been talking about re-doing our kitchen for a while (it’s kind of a mess, it hasn’t been updated since the 90s).  We were going to refurbish the existing kitchen, but we decided we might as well just gut the whole thing, and make it the tiniest gourmet kitchen ever.  So yeah, that was unexpected, and definitely doesn’t fit into a yellow bag (to be fair, we started considering a complete remodel when we decided to re-tile the floors with stone, and since a previous owner laminated around the cabinets, they’d have to come out anyway).

One thing at a time.  That’ll be next year.  This year, it’s all about the back yard.

We are strongly considering building our patio this year as well as putting in the gardens and sod, even though we originally planned on doing it next summer.  But – the crappy sunroom has a leak in the roof, and I worry constantly about the glass panels falling through the frames because they did such a piss-poor job of putting the room together.  There is evidence of previous glass panels that have broken through.  They didn’t even bother to clean out the old glass.  We’re going to patch the roof this weekend, but everything else makes me nervous.  Oh god, so nervous.  Besides, we already have buyers for the glass panels, I’d like to get them out before they break.

We’re doing all this house planning on top of a trip to Arizona for my sister’s dad’s memorial.  I’m using it as an excuse to do “spring cleaning” and going through closets and storage and getting rid of things we don’t want or use.  When we get back, I’ll be starting a bathroom project to convert our shower/tub upstairs to accommodate dog baths as well as bubble baths (for me).  Again, a previous owner did a shit job at installing a TUB (seriously, it’s not that hard).  He forgot to include things in the tub that make it stop up, and the fix is not cheap or easy, so I’m going to try and disengage the existing stopper (because it constantly catches and is annoying) and put in old fashioned baskets and a removable stopper.  It’ll do until we eventually renovate our bathroom and put in new everything.

Zach asked me last night why I hadn’t named our house yet (I name everything).  I think when the garden is done and we lay down [literal] roots, I’ll probably name it.  This little old house has so much personality, and it is good to us, even if it needs a little fixin’.

Until next time.


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