Muddy Pups: Coming Soon

Spring is almost here!  In Colorado, spring is a bit confusing.  We usually get some of our biggest snow storms, but, by mid to late spring, it’s amazing.  Actually, the moments in between the snow are pretty amazing as well.  It’s in the 60’s right now, yet we still have a ton of snow in the front of our house.

With the exception of some rain in the forecast, the weather is going to stay nice for a while.  Enough to where we can actually start doing some preparation work in the yard.  Which reminds me, either tomorrow or Monday, most likely Monday, I’ll do my first post on the yard renovation.  I’m trying my best to keep a good prep schedule in conjunction with planning our trip to Arizona, though it’s proving to be difficult and stressful.  However, I think when you throw the stress of funeral planning into the mix, it’s naturally stressful.

Shortly after we get back from AZ, we will till up the yard and rake it clean (if it’s not snowing a ton).  It needs to sit for a few weeks before adding sod, so it’ll work out perfectly for putting it in mid-May.  And by perfectly, I mean the dogs will get to mud wrestle for a month and my house will never be clean ever again.  So the goal is to get all the rock dealt with in the back, which will mostly be a job I’ll do during the week.  It’s not hard work, just tedious.  Our yard is huge, and for some reason the people decided to just throw crappy rock absolutely everywhere in their half-assed landscaping.  We will be repurposing the rock though, so it won’t go to waste.  We just have to get it to the right places.

This weekend we’re purchasing supplies to make the garden beds, which I think MIGHT get built before we leave.  At least part way.  It’s kind of funny, because while I’m excited about the actual gardening, I am not that thrilled about building the beds, but Zach is.  So he’s taking over the planning and reigns of that project.  He’s actually done an amazing job at finding suppliers that are top quality, and most of the time, considerably more affordable than going to Lowes or Home Depot.  I have limited vision when it comes to that sort of stuff, and that’s why I’d be a terrible buyer at pretty much any company.

A lot of work ahead.  I’ll do my best to document the good and the bad.  The genius ideas, and the terrible mistakes.  And obviously, the most affordable way to do it.

Until next time.




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