One Man’s Garbage…

Oh hi, allergy season.

I’m sitting here writing with a box of tissues next to me and blowing my nose outside.  We’ve been leaving the windows open lately because it’s been so nice, but now my allergies are going insane, and my current medication is doing nothing for me, except preventing me from taking something else (damn you, 24 hour Allegra).

Spring is weird.  It’s just the sight, sound, and smell of nature getting it on.  And I’m allergic to all of its sexy wonder.

But on the plus side, today I’ll be mixing in some new soil into my planters, because my Russian sage and echinacea are already sprouting.  Thankfully these are hardy plants, because we have snow coming in a couple of days.

Our projects are coming along nicely, and one of my personal ones is dealing with certain “garbage” left at our house by the previous owner.  The back yard was truly a mess.  There were 3 car batteries, a dangerous shed, car tires, rusty garden hangers and a scary looking dog kennel…

While we’ve managed to sell off or properly dispose of most of it, there are a few things we decided to keep and use.  The rusty hangers were one of them.

IMG_4955I mean, we’re going to have a lot of gardens, so why not keep these hangers?  I bought some red spray paint and used a sandpaper block to clean off the rust and any chipped paint that was left (although, there was hardly any paint left, mostly rust).  I wiped them clean and then started spraying.

IMG_4957I did two coats each side, and it took about a day to dry.  I picked the red color because of my desperate and constant hope that it’ll draw back the hummingbirds.

IMG_5003No more rusty hangers!

I’m glad I didn’t throw these away, because initially, I tried to get them into the big dumpster we rented last year, but we ended up keeping them.

Now, to turn the tires into something usable and pretty:


Although Penny seems fine with their current dumpster quality.

Until next time.


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