My name is Meg Swensen, and I am an artist, domestic engineer, and a lover of the outdoors.  I graduated with a BFA film degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2012, but years before getting my degree, I knew I did not want to be in the film industry.  I still LOVE films and making them – but I am much more interested in the artistic process of filmmaking than the industry.  I could never see myself in Hollywood, on a big film set, or even at festivals.  I could, however, see myself making artistic film, developing it in my bathroom, and screening it to handfuls of people in my basement, or perhaps a small film installation in town.  Most people don’t think of intimacy when they think of films, but I do.  I love the intimate screenings.  I love trying to recreate abstract ideas and thoughts on a tangible, visible thing.  And most importantly, I love the unpredictability of artistic filmmaking.

Before I got involved with film, I wrote and performed music.  Music was my life.  A lack of maturity and a good support group lead me to put music on the shelf for years.  Slowly, over time, I became reacquainted with it through film – and I do not regret this roundabout method.  This is the unpredictability.  I have learned so much from it.  And most importantly, I know who I am, and what I want to do.

Today, I am married to a wonderful man, who enables me to pursue my dreams (as I support him in his – it’s a wonderful match).  I just finished my first short novel (available through Kindle HERE) and working on a collection of poetry and a short novel series. I am also pursuing music and hope to develop some tangible projects for 2015.  I am dreaming big, and working hard.

This blog is called “travelin’ home” because I always feel like I am traveling to a place in my mind that feels like home.  Sometimes that is a physical place (traveling to new spaces and places), and sometimes it is an emotional or mental state (creating art, creating food and creating anything that feels like “home”).  I want to document and share my journeys and experiences, whatever they may be.  It’s not a blog dedicated to travel, food, art or anything in particular – although you will most definitely find pictures of travel, recipes and possibly even some art in this blog through the years.

So I hope those that becomes readers enjoy taking the journey with me, and do some travelin’ of their own.


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