Brain Reboot

This morning, after I dropped Zach off at the bus stop, I went to a local farm supply store to get our dogs some food.  Knowing that we were already low on funds, I checked our account.  I laughed.  Oh, being young and starting out is awesome!  Our bank account is getting comical at this point.  I’m also wondering if there’s some sort of black hole that’s riding two dimensions that is sitting in our account.

This past weekend was great.  Even though we didn’t get to go camping, I feel completely refreshed and like I actually “got away.”  We spent a lot of time being active and also being lazy.  We’re going camping this coming weekend, so I have even more of a vacation to look forward to.

There’s this common misconception that people that work from home have it easier.  Granted, yes, I don’t have to brave traffic every morning and evening, I don’t have to deal with a crummy boss or impossible deadlines or any of the other crappy things people have to deal with on a day to day basis.  And trust me, I by no means ever want to go back to that life, if I can avoid it.

But working for yourself does have different challenges.  This biggest one:  I can rarely get away.  My office is at home, I live at home, etc.  It’s both a joy and a curse and something I both love and hate.  I love it because I can more easily split my time between work and domestic stuff and even my online classes.  I can play with my dogs whenever I want.  I can work outside.  So many bonuses!  But the reality is I actually don’t split my time evenly!  There are days where I’m stuck at the computer all day, inspired, working and if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to the laundry that week.  There are days where I’m bored to tears and I reorganize cabinets (full disclosure: I might do this to procrastinate an important project as well).

The other biggest challenge is risk, though this is more of a perception problem.  It’s risky, working for yourself.  It could pay off, but there’s also a chance it could not.  For the most part, it’s not even something you can control.  You could pour yourself into something and it’ll never pay off, or it could pay off in a big way.  Currently, I’ve decided to take a big risk and cut out my “smaller” projects that are a guarantee in favor of others that have no guarantee.  To me, the risk is worth it, because I actually love what I am doing.  I decided the time was right, I’ll give it a try, and see what happens.  I can always mine out “safe” options later.

Lately, I’m more busy than bored.  So it’s all the more important for me to get out of the house every once in a while.

But here’s the most important piece to why I choose this path, easy or not.  I love it.  And when you are doing something you love, no matter if it’s in an office or on a mountain, it makes waking up to “work” feel like you’re being fulfilled, like you’re working towards something meaningful.  It makes you happy, and it actually makes whatever you’re doing feel easier (even if it’s actually rocket science).

Today I feel really lucky.  The weather is great so I’m working outside, I’m working on great projects and I have tea.  So, dear black hole, you’re welcome to hang out in our bank account for a while longer.

Keep Calm and Drink Tea
Keep Calm and Drink Tea