This Sunday is the Superbowl, in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know.  To be fair, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for the fact my husband is very much into football.  I don’t like football.  I tried, but I just don’t understand it, and I’m not just referring to the actual rules of the game.  I don’t really get engaged with most sports.  I love food and my husband (not necessarily in that order) so I’ll be watching the game.

My husband recommended that I live-Tweet my experience of the game.  I’m not sure if he actually thinks it’ll be interesting, or if he thinks he’s found a way to keep me engaged/quiet during the game.  Either way, I agreed to do so.  This will be the most non-nerdy thing I’ve ever tweeted about.  It will also be painfully embarrassing because of how little I know about football.

I know a lot about commercials though.

If anyone is interested in following this experiment, my Twitter handle is @fleurmegs