30 Day Shred: Level 2

On Sunday, a friend came over to our house to hang out and do nerdy things with my husband, things that I’m not nerdy for.  They insisted I hang out with them, but I was bored, and started messing around with a puzzle we had bought and never put together, a really long time ago.  However, when I started separating the pieces, this is what came to mind:



I realized I had never done a puzzle before.  For some reason, I just assumed I had.  Hasn’t everyone done a puzzle before?  Not me.  I was so flustered and said I needed a nap, and now Zach thinks I have narcolepsy.

The snow and cold makes me want to nap all the time.  I don’t really feel like being active when it’s in the teens when I wake up.  But, I [eventually] forced myself to get my workout done this morning, and finishing level two of the DVD.

However, along the way, I worked on music and singing for about an hour leading up to actually turning the DVD on and starting.  I felt pretty inspired this morning, and found motivation to work a lot harder on music than I have been doing lately.  Sorry, but no workout is worth it for me to stop inspiration!  I was still singing when I started exercising.  Actually, I think because I was so happy, my workout went much better.

So, my thoughts on level two.

It’s definitely a little harder than level one, but not a ton.  I enjoyed it more than the first one, my favorite move, for some reason, being the walkout push-up.  My criticisms: when Jillian Michaels says you should be gargling your heart or feeling like you’re going to die, it makes me laugh.  I will never want either of those feelings.  I like being tired and sweaty and even winded, but not death feelings.  I’d recommend not pushing it that far, if you’re really struggling with the exercises.  Work up to it.  Also, the stretching and cool down at the end is definitely not enough at this point.  I got bad leg cramps after the first day, and spasms at night.  I’d recommend doing more stretching (positions) than she does, and holding each position for at least 30 seconds.  Since I’ve been doing the stretching, I haven’t had as much pain or problems.  I’ve been having some back pains lately, but I think I strained it doing something else, not the workouts, and I still haven’t had problems with exercise with my back (actually, sitting and laying down I feel it – perhaps I slept weird?).

I feel like I’m getting more energy, and I’m definitely stronger than just a couple of weeks ago.  Also, cravings of bad food aren’t as strong, even though I just finished eating a cookie.

So that’s all for now!

I’ll have a new recipe up for tomorrow!

Until next time.