Party Planning and Getting Stir Crazy

I’ve been doing this weird thing lately.  It’s still the beginning of February, and I’m planning our 4th of July party.  I know, I’m totally insane, but I really, REALLY need the warm weather to stay and continue.  I know that Massachusetts is getting pummeled with snow, and I know we have snow in our forecast – but it’s just been SO NICE in Colorado lately.  Sunny.  Like it’s supposed to be.  And warm (most of the time) like it’s supposed to be!  We went through months of dreary, overcast weather and I can’t go back.  I won’t go back!

I’m clearly really dependant on the weather.

Because of the sun and warmth, I’ve been more productive lately than I’ve been in months and my mood is better.  So naturally I’m trying to keep it going by planning our 4th of July party.

I only do one or two parties a year, because I really go all out.  I don’t like people to be bored.  I don’t want people to feel left out.  It’s an experience.  I spend a lot of time and money on parties.  I’m not sure why, but it’s just something that I really love doing, and doing one in the summer is the best.  Our back yard will be [mostly] done by May, so we want to get the most out of it.  We’ve already earmarked lawn games to purchase, and right now we’re debating what kind of hammock to get, or whether or not we should wait until the back patio is done.  We even have a babysitter for one of our dogs that doesn’t like parties.  Yeah, we’ve got all the problems, as you can see.

To be fair (to me), planning a party several months in advance isn’t the worst thing.  Usually, I never give myself enough time.  That’s why our Halloween party never happened last year.  I go big or go home, and I had to go home for Halloween.

I definitely need to spend more time outdoors.

Until next time.