Pop Culture, How I Love Thee

I’ve been sick the past several days.  I think I came down with a weird stomach bug that totally kicked my arse and I’m still recovering.  While I’m no longer “sick,” I’m still having issues eating and you know, having energy to move around.

I really hate being sick.  The only upside is that I get to catch up with many hours of Netflix, but to be honest, I could just take time off and do the same thing.  It’s just harder to convince Zach to lay around with me and be lazy.  The downside is massive – my dogs don’t get walked, so they are horrible monsters, and the house becomes something that resembles a post-apocalyptic state, with considerably more dog hair.  Being sick is also highly inconvenient right now, since, you know, we have a massive home improvement project going on at the moment.

Last night was pretty good though, and I actually had enough energy to interact with the world.  So naturally, we watched The Voice.  I would say it’s my guilty pleasure, but I don’t feel that guilty about it.  What I DO feel guilty about though, is probably how many times I’ve cried during the show.  It’s weird, I cry easily, but only at some things.  But crying at Joshua Davis’s soothing voice is NOTHING to be ashamed of!  I think The Voice is to me, what The Bachelor is to a lot of people.  I don’t understand/like dating, so I don’t get that show.  But watching The Voice is like going to an awesome karaoke show with celebrities and not as much booze, so the talent is much better.  I’m kidding, a little.  I genuinely think most of the talent on the show are actually talented, and I love listening to people sing, so it’s the best thing ever for me.

However, Zach makes fun of me at least once during the show (aside from crying) because I tend to never know the songs they are singing, if it’s from an artist in the last 10 years.  He calls me an old lady.  And yes, while it’s true that I don’t listen to the radio and therefore have “lost touch,” I’m still pretty in tune with things if it’s on the internet/has a viral video.  Seriously, the ONLY reason I even know who Sia is, is because of that Jim Carrey skit on SNL and I looked it up because I had no idea what was going on.  Actually, if it wasn’t for SNL, I’d probably be totes out of touch.  FYI, I did enjoy “Chandelier” and watched it several times.

In all honesty, I actually love pop culture.  I feel like I’m equally aware of world news in the same way that I am with pop culture.  I’m getting a little behind on texting shorthand, but that was never my forte anyway.

And while I actually have no opinion whatsoever on any of the Kardashians, I really get a kick out of how people view them.  It’s weird, I KNOW there are people out there that like them, but I haven’t met any of them (at least, anyone that’ll admit to it).  And yesterday, I was on my phone and Zach asked me what I was doing, and I replied, “Oh, I’m following Miley Cyrus on Instagram because she has really fucked up photoshop pictures with pot everywhere.”  (I also follow a weiner dog collage artist, so, these are my “interests”).

I’m not just into current pop culture though.  I really like the whole timeline of pop culture.  I find it interesting.  And what’s even more interesting, I think it’s hilarious when people say, “oh things were SO much better back in my day!”  No they weren’t.  I don’t even need to know what decade you’re talking about.  Every decade was steeped in crappy music, crappy movies, and crappy people.  We just have happy memories of the few good things from those times.  And this is coming from someone that buys new (and old) albums on vinyl and wishes people shot movies on film instead of digital.  And let’s be honest, there are fun things in the pop culture of every decade.  That’s why they made it into pop culture.  They were interesting.

Anyway, I’m going to continue my recovery process.  There’s a garden riding on me getting well.  I really want to do a film review this Friday, I have a movie in mind, so hopefully I can make that happen.

Until next time.