Fitness Review: Yoga Studio App

Well, I think the sun was out for a total of 10 minutes today!  It’s been so rainy, and while I appreciate the free watering for my lawn, I’m ready for the sun again (also, my pepper plant doesn’t appreciate the rain, it’s struggling).  Also, we FINALLY got a hummingbird to visit!  Yay!  I was so excited, I immediately started making fresh nectar for the feeders because, that’s when you do when you have company, right?  But we waited until after dark to change out the feeders, and, well, since the yard is in disarray, it looked a little like a creepy-crawly horror film.  There were nightcrawlers all over the ground, and it looked like the ground was crawling (there’s mud everywhere).  Zach tried to shine his flashlight to show me, and I just shrieked and told him I’d have nightmares if he didn’t stop.  I’m normally not freaked out by worms, but I think any bug in a massive quantity is a little freaky.

So for this fitness review, I decided to do something different and review an app.  It’s called Yoga Studio, and I think it cost around $5-$6 (I can’t remember, I bought it years ago).

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I really actually love this app, and it took me a really long time (and research) to find a yoga app I liked.  It’s really worth the money, because free ones, in my opinion, really just don’t cut it.  Plus, it’s hard to relax when ads pop up everywhere.  It’s very “clean” looking – there’s not a lot of distraction, it’s easy to click on and find whatever routine you want to do.

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It’s also really convenient.  Not only is it nice to have a genuinely good workout on the go (I use it a lot for vacations, but I also like using it at home for quick workouts) but you can pre-download all the videos, which means you do not need a signal or wi-fi to use it.

Also, for those that need a really a rigid schedule to stay on point, you can sync a calendar with your phone to remind you, even down to planning the exact workouts.

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There’s not a whole lot else to say.  The girl’s voice is pleasant (which is actually a big deal), it’s comprehensive, the music is ambient and relaxing, and the instruction is clear.  If you like yoga, this is a very nice (cheap) investment for beginners and more advanced alike, especially when you need the extra instruction (i.e., you don’t want to create a routine on your own).  I’m not sure if it’s available on ALL smartphones, but it’s definitely available for the iPhone.

Namaste, and until next time.